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The Worth of Liberty     

As we begin to enter into summer we look forward to warmer weather, swimming, hopefully some kind of ball playing, recreation time, gardening and to celebrations.  The summer traditionally begins with Memorial weekend, the mid point is July 4th and the end is Labor day.  All of these are filled with the honoring and celebrating of liberty.  Liberty, what a word and precious right for a human being.  But liberty does not come free…..there is a cost.  The price of liberty is not compromise or money.  It is sacrifice, blood, giving all to be free.  Our liberty did not, nor does not come cheap, many lives have been lost, suffering endured, challenges faced, people standing up to speak out.       

Liberty is precious and is to be treasured.  We are, as a people and as a nation,coming perilously close to losing our liberties.  It is amazing to me how quickly and quietly we have allowed ourselves to let officials take away what has been bought with blood.  We have certain liberties guaranteed in the constitution.  But we have become so comfortable and so dependent on our conveniences we have ignored the signs and actions taken until it directly affects us.  And then still too many are silent.   

During this covid 19 virus, officials have directed us to do and not do certain things……for our own safety, health, and good.  They have told us what we can and can not buy, where we can and can not work, and who is essential and who is not.  Alcohol and abortions are essential….church and school are not.  Isolation, not socialization is what we are told.     

As some things are opening back up, our liberties are not opening up as freely.  Especially when it comes to my religious liberties.  Churches have been among the hardest hit.  Pastors have been arrested, churches stormed by police, church members’ names, addresses, phone numbers required to be given to government officials so they can be tracked (Kansas City,Mo. along with other cities).  Freedom?  And where is our voice?  Some have been alert all along and are fighting, some just now waking up, but far too many are silent…. as when Bible reading and prayer was taken out of school, abortion made legal, and marriage no longer between an man and a woman.     

We must stand up to the subtle and not so subtle move taking place.  Are we giving our all, are we putting ourselves on the line for our freedom, or are we letting someone else do it for us?  It truly is our fight, because it is our life.     

We have liberty in Christ for freedom from sin and salvation unto Him.  But it too did it come cheap. There was a great cost, blood was spilled, life lost, sacrifice made, all given.  For one to have that liberty one must stand up, speak up and give their all, their heart for and to Christ.     

As we enter this particular summer remember to be thankful for your freedom and liberty, both as an American and as a child of God.  It is worth fighting for.

Bro Tony

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