A Moment Under the Cedar Tree

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God.”Pine..hi

I John 4:7  (NASB)

Love, all people want to be loved.  No matter who you are, you desire to know the warm touch of love from someone.  Children long for the love of parents, parents want the love of their children, a spouse desires the love of their partner and they want to have that love growing, deepening and maturing. The lonesomeness of not being loved is a deep darkness filled with pain.  But, all can know and experience love in their life.  Through Jesus Christ, love comes to life.  God is love and all love flows from Him.  Even when we are unlovable, God loves us.  With Christ you can be loved and in turn love others.  Love is not a feeling, but instead a doing for others without regard for yourself.  As Christians, we are to love one another, because Christ loves us and commanded us to love Him and each other and to love our self.  You are the creation of God and worthy of love.  The heart flutters with love, as Jesus comes into your heart and life.  Sense the stirring of Him and His warmth in your heart, life and know true love.

With Love, Tony